Tuesday, 10 June 2014

What Basics Does a Wedding DJ Need?

Every Indian wedding DJ needs a few basics when starting off. Even with all the skills at your disposal, being a DJ also entails working with a lot of technology and sound and light equipment. You will need to be proficient in handling all this equipment, so that you can set it up and take out repairs whenever necessary. So what are these basics? Although more required for a party or event DJ, today even an Indian wedding DJ is required to keep all necessary light equipment.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Why You Should Sign on With an Entertainment Company?

While DJs in India are slowly becoming the norm, they are far from being an organized industry. For a newbie DJ it can be a rather disorienting world with no way of knowing how to establish oneself. In this scenario an entertainment company is their best bet.

Get the gigs
The most challenging task for a party DJ who is just starting out is to get enough gigs to make a good living. Otherwise, being a DJ remains more a hobby and not a profession. A firm gives one just this assurance. Most of these companies make sure that they have a regular rota of shows that they can then assign their DJs. They handle your dates, venues and other essentials.

A necessary evil for DJs in India is the networking they must undertake. The truth is that most of the gigs are fixed in the back room over chats and parties. While bagging the neighborhood show may not be all that difficult, the big events always seem out of reach. It is a cut-throat world of new money, old names and bigger egos. By signing up with an agency you can let others deal with this headache while you concentrate on your craft.

Sort the finances
Most DJs are essentially artists and not always equally good with numbers. However, to run a successful agency one must take care of all finances. This involves paying taxes, any broker fee, rent for equipment, chasing multiple parties over payments and many such myriad details. Add to that are clients who will always try to cut a cheaper deal. An entertainment company cushions you from this often tedious business with their own finance people.

Get the backup
You never know what you may need in this business. You may need an extra party DJ, equipment or a bigger van. This can be a tall order if you are going solo. When you sign with an agency, you are automatically assured of a team backing you every step of the way. This includes technical as well as manpower support.

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

How a DJ Agency can help you?

Whether you are a newbie or an established DJ, joining a DJ agency can make a world of difference to your trade and prospects. An agency essentially work behind the scenes to makes sure you can stay away from the tedious tasks associated with the business and just concentrate on your own skills.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Tips to Hire the Best DJs in India

The Indian wedding DJ has come a long way in making weddings occasions to remember. One has to choose wedding DJs with care, however, to get the best results.

What after all is a wedding without music; Especially Indian weddings where music and even dance are indispensable entertainment items. However, over the years, traditional Indian wedding music has given way to DJs in India taking over the music scene to a considerable extent. The Indian wedding DJ is nowadays as much a part of the wedding scenario as the bride and bridegroom are. In other words, wedding DJs are as indispensable to an Indian wedding as the food, fun and frolic are. In fact, he is also largely responsible for the fun and frolic that will happen in the wedding where he is delaying.

Top DJs in India are virtually like national celebrities now and you will see their photographs splashed across all leading dailies and magazine quite often. These DJs in India have to be booked months in advance and they are usually seen controlling the music at celebrity weddings and weddings of business tycoons and film stars. They certainly don’t come cheap either. This is solely because of their ability to create a magical atmosphere at weddings by churning out the right kind of music at the opportune moment. The experienced Indian wedding DJ knows the nuances of an Indian wedding and will accordingly pick and play the right numbers spontaneously during the various ceremonies that form a complete Indian wedding. Moreover, he is aware that he needs to be flexible because the audience is going to be a mixed crowd.

DJs in India train themselves to play different genres of music to satisfy the musical preferences of everybody present at the gathering. He accordingly prepares the appropriate playlist along with provisions for special requests, if any. An Indian wedding DJ is often a suitable substitute for a live band which may be not only more expensive but also have a fixed repertoire of music. Therefore, to select the right Indian wedding DJ, you first need to check out his personality to be able to entertain. A witty person is bound to generate fun and entertainment. Great knowledge of music is what sets the top DJs in India apart from their counterparts. Prior to accepting your proposal, they will sit with you and understand your musical preferences while also making valuable suggestions to make the playlist more interesting. They know their equipment inside out and will set it up according to the crowd size, venue and location.

While selecting wedding DJs, also make sure that he has been on the circuit for at least five years. Ask him for suitable references and contact them to get a first hand knowledge of their experience with him. Most DJs in India have their own websites and customer reviews posted on them will give you a fair idea of their skills, punctuality, work discipline, reliability and performances. A DJ can also have special skills to offer like emceeing or even special equipment like highly sophisticated lighting systems and special mirror balls to enhance the quality of your show. He may also be bilingual and may be ideal for foreign guests attending the wedding. This certainly makes a difference and adds to his qualities for being hired.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

DJ Lighting Equipment

A well-designed lighting system and carefully chosen stage effect lights can inject a huge measure of drama and excitement into your show. With a relatively small investment, adding a visual dimension to your music will give your performances a professional sheen that’ll captivate your audience. There’s a huge range of Dj lighting effects and equipment available today to match your budget and the mood you want to create.

DJ (Disc Jockey) Lighting Equipment and Needs

Lighting makes events more exciting and gives any dance party a particular ambiance. A DJ who brings lights to the show generally uses a four can lighting system. If you want extras, ask the DJ in advance.

Can lighting includes a system that is usually all in one and is great for mobile entertainers. DJ lighting features four LED par cans and usually they have red, green, blue and amber filters. Can lighting uses light bulbs that produce bright color and washes of light.

You may also want to use a big shot portable stroke light to add excitement to the dance floor. A DJ will want to use party lights and retro lights that are really colorful rotating balls. Retro light look like mirror balls with multi-colored lamps installed inside.

DJs use projects with halogen lamps. A project style DJ light uses a lamp and a mirror to reflect the light on to the dance floor. You can set great shapes, different light effects and colors with a projectors.

Lasers are lights that use a laser diode and mirrors to project different widths of light plus give beam so of light multiple colors.

DJ lighting equipment that is awesome involves liquid light shows. Psychedelic light became popular in the 1960s and 1970s and included layers of colored mineral oils and alcohol that move under the heat of the lamp. This produces different color patterns and produces an almost hypnotic effect.

Use your light to control moods. Reinforce music themes with different types of lights. Good lighting and equipment is the mark of a professional DJ and will win you more jobs. Use your DMX controller, program your light show into the controller and at the push of a button you can change moods to go along with your music.

Friday, 21 March 2014

DJ’s for Bash

If you are planning for a party, no matter what the occasion and you want to make your party successful, you will have to be resourceful in organizing it. You require a skilled DJ essentially when you are throwing a birthday, wedding or housewarming party. A proficient DJ will not only hold onto your guests to their toes, but also announce and when everything is all over. Hiring a competent DJ is not winning bonbon from a baby, but call for proper arrangement in order to get the best result.

Parties can be fun and enjoyable if there is a quality music service added to it. A competent DJ is the one who plays through the party or ceremony as per the request of the guests or the host and keeps the party alive, in a way! One can also have this option for reunions, corporate events, proms, etc. A professional service provider needs to be the choice for the day (or the evening) to make it a success. You should set a budget for signing a DJ for the reason that a professional one does not come cheap. The date, time and venue of the party may regulate the price tag and it is essential to be clear about the sum you are prepared to spend.

Once you are able to come up with the right Party DJ, you strike a deal with him. Professional DJs are usually compliant with contracts and you may not need to worry about any disappointment. Some disc jockeys have enticing personalities and can engage your guests. Even if they do not say a word and stay in the background, their ability to determine what exactly the audience "wants" is a great benefit. Party DJ will examine the room and see how many people of different age groups are present and will then come up with the right music mix. An experienced DJ will catch the "rhythm" of the listeners and if he sees that people are fading or losing energy, he will know what kind of music to put on and what beat to choose. If he senses a mellow mood, he will put the romantic mood on.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Indian Wedding DJ

DJ Gaurav Malvai is recognized as one of the premier DJ's in India. He is also a sought after producer and sound designer for video games and A/V producers in Delhi & Singapore.