Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Tips to Hire the Best DJs in India

The Indian wedding DJ has come a long way in making weddings occasions to remember. One has to choose wedding DJs with care, however, to get the best results.

What after all is a wedding without music; Especially Indian weddings where music and even dance are indispensable entertainment items. However, over the years, traditional Indian wedding music has given way to DJs in India taking over the music scene to a considerable extent. The Indian wedding DJ is nowadays as much a part of the wedding scenario as the bride and bridegroom are. In other words, wedding DJs are as indispensable to an Indian wedding as the food, fun and frolic are. In fact, he is also largely responsible for the fun and frolic that will happen in the wedding where he is delaying.

Top DJs in India are virtually like national celebrities now and you will see their photographs splashed across all leading dailies and magazine quite often. These DJs in India have to be booked months in advance and they are usually seen controlling the music at celebrity weddings and weddings of business tycoons and film stars. They certainly don’t come cheap either. This is solely because of their ability to create a magical atmosphere at weddings by churning out the right kind of music at the opportune moment. The experienced Indian wedding DJ knows the nuances of an Indian wedding and will accordingly pick and play the right numbers spontaneously during the various ceremonies that form a complete Indian wedding. Moreover, he is aware that he needs to be flexible because the audience is going to be a mixed crowd.

DJs in India train themselves to play different genres of music to satisfy the musical preferences of everybody present at the gathering. He accordingly prepares the appropriate playlist along with provisions for special requests, if any. An Indian wedding DJ is often a suitable substitute for a live band which may be not only more expensive but also have a fixed repertoire of music. Therefore, to select the right Indian wedding DJ, you first need to check out his personality to be able to entertain. A witty person is bound to generate fun and entertainment. Great knowledge of music is what sets the top DJs in India apart from their counterparts. Prior to accepting your proposal, they will sit with you and understand your musical preferences while also making valuable suggestions to make the playlist more interesting. They know their equipment inside out and will set it up according to the crowd size, venue and location.

While selecting wedding DJs, also make sure that he has been on the circuit for at least five years. Ask him for suitable references and contact them to get a first hand knowledge of their experience with him. Most DJs in India have their own websites and customer reviews posted on them will give you a fair idea of their skills, punctuality, work discipline, reliability and performances. A DJ can also have special skills to offer like emceeing or even special equipment like highly sophisticated lighting systems and special mirror balls to enhance the quality of your show. He may also be bilingual and may be ideal for foreign guests attending the wedding. This certainly makes a difference and adds to his qualities for being hired.

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