Tuesday, 25 March 2014

DJ (Disc Jockey) Lighting Equipment and Needs

Lighting makes events more exciting and gives any dance party a particular ambiance. A DJ who brings lights to the show generally uses a four can lighting system. If you want extras, ask the DJ in advance.

Can lighting includes a system that is usually all in one and is great for mobile entertainers. DJ lighting features four LED par cans and usually they have red, green, blue and amber filters. Can lighting uses light bulbs that produce bright color and washes of light.

You may also want to use a big shot portable stroke light to add excitement to the dance floor. A DJ will want to use party lights and retro lights that are really colorful rotating balls. Retro light look like mirror balls with multi-colored lamps installed inside.

DJs use projects with halogen lamps. A project style DJ light uses a lamp and a mirror to reflect the light on to the dance floor. You can set great shapes, different light effects and colors with a projectors.

Lasers are lights that use a laser diode and mirrors to project different widths of light plus give beam so of light multiple colors.

DJ lighting equipment that is awesome involves liquid light shows. Psychedelic light became popular in the 1960s and 1970s and included layers of colored mineral oils and alcohol that move under the heat of the lamp. This produces different color patterns and produces an almost hypnotic effect.

Use your light to control moods. Reinforce music themes with different types of lights. Good lighting and equipment is the mark of a professional DJ and will win you more jobs. Use your DMX controller, program your light show into the controller and at the push of a button you can change moods to go along with your music.

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