Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Indian wedding DJ

A wedding ceremony is not defined by the food or the venue or the people attending it but by the ambience and the spirit of the night. In order to make sure that you don’t lack in providing the best ambience possible, don’t forget to hire an Indian wedding DJ, who writes the night away with his music, defining your perfect wedding night like a fairy tale.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Party DJ

A DJ is a person who plays a select list of songs the way he sees fit for any event. Events of all sorts such as a party, a wedding, a gathering or even a weekender, need a DJ to ensure the success of the occasion. A professional DJ uses state of the art equipment such as turntables and mixers to produce the best ambience possible. 

When we talk of parties, the first thing that strikes us is the music that sets the tone for the evening. This is where a Party DJ comes in, who carefully chooses the music that is to be played on the night of the party. While at the party, he or she operate the music, the speakers setup, even the lighting arrangement that is incorporated with the music to define the theme of the party. But in the midst of all these points, one forgets the fact that a party DJ not only sets the feel of the party but even enhances the potency of the night. A party DJ simply uplifts the spirit of the crowd by playing the music of their preference and improvising on aspects that he can.

These skills and qualities cannot be found in every other party DJ out there. On the other hand, professional DJs like Gaurav Malvai have been in constant demand. The uniqueness and the positivity he possesses reflect through his beats and setup which leave you wanting for more. He’s just one of those few special ones out there who never fail to captivate the spirit of the party and its crowd.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Indian Wedding DJ

DJ Gaurav Malvai is recognized as one of the premier DJ's in India. He is also a sought after producer and sound designer for video games and A/V producers in Delhi & Singapore.