Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Why You Should Sign on With an Entertainment Company?

While DJs in India are slowly becoming the norm, they are far from being an organized industry. For a newbie DJ it can be a rather disorienting world with no way of knowing how to establish oneself. In this scenario an entertainment company is their best bet.

Get the gigs
The most challenging task for a party DJ who is just starting out is to get enough gigs to make a good living. Otherwise, being a DJ remains more a hobby and not a profession. A firm gives one just this assurance. Most of these companies make sure that they have a regular rota of shows that they can then assign their DJs. They handle your dates, venues and other essentials.

A necessary evil for DJs in India is the networking they must undertake. The truth is that most of the gigs are fixed in the back room over chats and parties. While bagging the neighborhood show may not be all that difficult, the big events always seem out of reach. It is a cut-throat world of new money, old names and bigger egos. By signing up with an agency you can let others deal with this headache while you concentrate on your craft.

Sort the finances
Most DJs are essentially artists and not always equally good with numbers. However, to run a successful agency one must take care of all finances. This involves paying taxes, any broker fee, rent for equipment, chasing multiple parties over payments and many such myriad details. Add to that are clients who will always try to cut a cheaper deal. An entertainment company cushions you from this often tedious business with their own finance people.

Get the backup
You never know what you may need in this business. You may need an extra party DJ, equipment or a bigger van. This can be a tall order if you are going solo. When you sign with an agency, you are automatically assured of a team backing you every step of the way. This includes technical as well as manpower support.

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

How a DJ Agency can help you?

Whether you are a newbie or an established DJ, joining a DJ agency can make a world of difference to your trade and prospects. An agency essentially work behind the scenes to makes sure you can stay away from the tedious tasks associated with the business and just concentrate on your own skills.